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published 21 Aug 2016

Most important part in writing blog posting articles

In this day we write something almost online on internet, for an author we have knowledge how we suppose to do this, but did we miss something?

everything has been tranform into online thing, the era of manual book almost ended but it still, so to adapt this growth we must combine the past in the future.

what is heading?

familiar with W5H1?, this old method is standar on writing an article, but not enough yet, otherwise we can tranfers it to heading. heading is more than like child of title for you articles, it descript more each path of contents, it's like tree with branch and stick until leafs.

there is 6 type heading we can recognize in html element like h1, h2, h3 and so on until h6. the most important heading is h1 then h2 and h3.

why use heading then?

/image/content/small/contentwriting2.pngever read a book about how to read in short time? this is where heading took a good part. some people just dont have time to read whole of articles, in the fact this happen.

using heading will help this kind of people to fasting their read, to the point or direct hit.

using heading is increase seo on page article and this will boost our rank in search engines results.

how to use it so?

nah, using heading is simple, for example this feature almost available in almost online editor like ckeditor, also can be done in html mode inside your heading text like this.

best structured heading

good heading is that structured best, following with their child or sub heading. we only need one heading 1 as title, then following with some heading 2 depend on how much your article contents, for short article content it can be two or three heading 2 is used.

first paragraf of each heading should descript a value of heading it self, if you think it's more complex and not enough yet, then it's time to use more sub heading, heading 3. the different now is heading 3 act to heading 2 (parents) just like heading 2 act to heading 1 (parent/title).

example of heading structure.

for good structure, should be like this example.

  • Heading 1 (title)
    • heading 2 (sub title)
    • heading 2 (sub title)
      • heading 3 (more sub heading)
      • heading 3 (more)
    • heading 2 (another sub title)

/image/content/small/effective and-correctly-structured-articles.pngthis example is quit clear, search engines only read our heading 1, 2 and 3, if there more heading like h4,h5 until h6 is used, no problem have nothing bring negative effect, but keep in mind that dont ever jump  for 2 level down. like put heading 3 directly after heading 1, because grand child must have a fathers or it can be a b*stard! :D

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