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published 27 Jun 2016

New premium blog templates for Blogger verse 2 best

After 2 week hard working finally we build a new version blog themes with some upgrade depending of the last one, also because of some glitch in previous version, we start to move it to 2nd and new look.

Design and Mobile Friendly look

talking about design we talk about what people like to see and how are they look. in nowaday mobile user has been increase significantly even google has mobile search engine to rank different result from regular google web search engine.

our premium blog templates support mobile friendly begining from device screen width 320px, common smartphone is using 360px and 480px screen width, this template will produces mobile only content that needed to show for audience.

speed load is very important even with modern life people realy using fast connection network in their smartphone, there is many type of reader complained about page speed load. we take a way with remove the social button link and plugin, since our reader not using mobile browser for login into their social media account instead using installed apps.

we understand people sometime just not using code editor and dive in into that fancy code to edit their templates, like changing color and background of their templates. here we provide a simple function that change theme color or theme background in just one click, this function is available in admin panel.

best system that build for speed

yee, here we are blogger. have good looking blog is not enough because usually more nice and awesome they are mean more weight carried by. to avoid this we just simple using basic and simple code without installing third party plugin except plugin like Google CSE and Facebook FP plugin, anyway in admin panel you will be able to disable it later, your choice.

image is big our concern, in this premium templates you didn't need any image compressor anymore, we have it in. it's more handy now because every image upload will be produced to 5 different size start from 100px upto 600px width. also all of them is well compressed support both Jpeg, Png and Gif format.

problem with duplicate contents? ok take the breath and hold on now, our new premium blog templates is integrated and designed to avoid this one, while people start copied your articles, no more duplicate contents will be detected and your search result rank will stay save. even when you post a copied one from other source it wont affect quality of your content.

if you wanna know more about this new themes feel free to discovers here. have a nice look.

template updated 21 Jul 2016

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